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Intel confirms Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition CPUs: cool packaging, but no game

Intel has confirmed more special edition CPUs: the Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Processors. You would probably expect them to come bundled with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, given the timing, but you’d be wrong. The only links these chips appear to have with the franchise is their names and packaging.
Overseas companies were spotted selling Intel processors with Avengers packaging a few weeks ago. They’re listed as “KA” models, with the “K” part identifying the unlocked multiplier, and the “A” presumably identifying them as an Avengers Edition.

Videocardz discovered the Comet Lake KA chips being sold by a retailer in India. They’re very slightly cheaper than the standard K variants, though some regions appear to be charging a bit more.

  • Intel Core i9 10900KA—€514.97 (~$609.96)
  • Intel Core i9 10850KA—€476.29 (~$564.14)
  • Intel Core i9 10700KA—€400.08 (~$473.88)
  • Intel Core i9 10600KA—€273.02 (~$323.38)

The Intel Gaming Twitter account has now confirmed these special edition chips. Somewhat surprisingly, they don’t come bundled with the Marvel’s Avengers game—there’s a disclaimer on the box warning “game not included.”

It’s also noted that specs of the KA CPUs are the same as the standard K models, so the only difference between the two is the packaging, which is designed by muralist Tristan Eaton. That doesn’t seem like much, but those intending to buy a Comet Lake chip might opt for a special edition if it’s the same price or cheaper.

For those considering the Marvel’s Avengers game, one of these Comet Lake chips will be more than sufficient for its CPU demands—the recommended specs ask for an Intel Core i7 4770K or higher.

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